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Microsoft Graph


Microsoft Graph is the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. It provides access to the data in Microsoft 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

In the Microsoft 365 platform, three main components facilitate the access and flow of data:

  • Microsoft Graph API: single REST API endpoint
  • Microsoft Graph connectors: work with the incoming direction, delivering external data to the Microsoft cloud into Microsoft Graph services and applications.
  • Microsoft Graph Data Connect: set of tools to streamline secure and scalable delivery of Microsoft Graph data to popular Azure data stores.



{HTTP method}{version}/{resource}?{query-parameters}

Supported versions:

  • v1.0 includes generally available APIs.
  • beta includes APIs that are currently in preview.

When request returns a lot of data - use @data.nextLink URL to page through it.


The Microsoft Graph .NET SDK is included in the following NuGet packages:

  • Microsoft.Graph - contains the models and request builders for accessing the v1.0 endpoint with the fluent API.
  • Microsoft.Graph.Beta - contains the models and request builders for accessing the beta endpoint with the fluent API.
  • Microsoft.Graph.Core - core library for making calls to Microsoft Graph.
  • Microsoft.Graph.Auth - wrapper for MSAL for use with the Microsoft Graph SDK.



  • All
  • OwnedBy - allows operations only on applications and service principals that the calling app is an owner of.
  • Shared
  • AppFolder
  • CreatedByApp