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Azure Resource Manager


Everything goes through Azure Resource Manager:

Consistent management layer

Resource Manager converts deployed template into REST API call to the specific resource provider.


  • Declarative syntax - entire Azure infrastructure defined declaratively.
  • Repeatable results - templates are idempotent.
  • Orchestration - deploys in paraller when possible.

Template File

Consists of:

  • parameters
  • variables
  • user-defined functions
  • resources
  • outputs

Template Specs

Template spec is a resource type for storing an Azure Resource Manager template (ARM template) in Azure for later deployment.

Conditional Deployment

Conditional deployment doesn't cascade to child resources. Conditional deployment must be applied to each resource.

Deployment Modes

Complete Mode

Resources not mentioned in the ARM template will be deleted.

Resources that are excluded because of condition are:

  • not deleted in version earlier than 2019-05-10
  • are deleted in version 2019-05-10 or later

Incremental Mode

Resources not mentioned in the ARM temaplate will be left untouched.

Unspecified properties will be overwritten.

Setting Deployment Mode

az deployment group create --mode Complete @otherArgs